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Lube-Tools Sweden AB

For Professionals & Quality conscious

How it works

System + Grease gun = lubrication without spills and messes

You can combine how you want to design your lubrication system .
different grease guns and pumps ( Call for details )

It is often messy to fill grease guns . Spill ends up on the Pail / Drum or Greasegun. Contents in a cartridge is not utilized 100% even Pail and Drums are difficult to drain effectively .

Lube -Tools introduces a complete system for grease filling in bulk, a system
which makes the filling quick , simple and clean , and also more efficient than
existing equipment . Since at least 98% of the content of Pail / Drum can be
used , the handling becomes economical and environmentally friendly . Also, the system can be used for all lubricant brands .

The system includes a fillerpump were several improvements have been introduced , including a more stable follower plate for fillerpump , whose design prevents it from tilting . Meanwhile, the Greaseguns construction also have evolved .The greasegun and fillerpump connects together with quick connector before filling.

The Greasegun is fitted with a relief valve that eliminate the problem at Clogged fittings, returncoupling for the grease hose and enhanced greaseplunger . An indicator spring shows when the greasegun is filled . A special cleaning tools are readily available , inserted in the greasegun handle .


  • It is environmentally friendly to use Lube Tools Greasegun, since most of
    the grease is utilized and waste is minimized.
  • No mess with changing the grease cartridges.
  • Leakproof-filling and lubrication.
  • Indication at full grease gun.
  • Relief Valve = No problems with cloggedfitting.
  • Returncoupler for lubricating hose after completing the lubrication.

  • You can always go to the machine with a full grease gun (650 g).
  • Fast and efficient filling of the central lubrication system.
  • Residual grease in pail is only about 400 g
  • Retainer for hose.
  • Suitable for all systems.
  • The level of Grease in the greasegun is controlled by pulling the T-handle